My Poem – Lonely Together (Wales Young Poets Award)

Hello everyone! Here’s my short post about my poem, as mentioned in my monthly wrap-up. The competition was organised by Poetry Wales, and this year’s theme was Empathy. It was a UK-wide competition, and I was highly commended for it – which I’m very proud of! I really enjoyed writing my poem, which is titled Lonely Together. It will be published in an anthology this October!

I wrote my poem early this year and submitted it in late January, and when the news came out I was so happy! I think (if I say so myself 😂) that it was quite a moving poem and I hope you, too, enjoy reading it. The link to the website with more details and the full list of winners can be found over here and as for the poem, you can find it below 🙂

Lonely Together

Please don’t go,
I’ll have you know,
I've gone through all this too.
I've wept, I've cried
All through the night
Just feeling very blue.

With no one there,
Except the air,
To share the pain I felt,
I wallowed, I wallowed,
In my own sorrow,
Until I stopped and dwelt.

How different would this be
If there was someone with me
To help me with this pain?
To help me recover.
I want to discover,
What it’s like to help another’s pain.

So here I am,
I came, I swam,
To help you to feel good again.
I know the sorrow
The want to burrow
Yourself in this terrible bane.

But I'm here with you,
I’ll take some of the pain, too
Until you're feeling better.
I’ll stay by your side,
All day and all night,
Until your mood changes like the weather.

That was my poem, so I hope you liked to read it! That’s all for now. Did you like my poem? Do you enjoy reading poetry? Make sure to say in the comments section!

Until my next post, bye ☺️

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