The 10 Last Books Tag

Hi everyone! I was tagged for this by Madeline @@The Bookish Mutant, so thanks a lot for that Madeline 💕 This tag looks super interesting and I loved Madeline’s answers so I can't wait to get started and see what my own are! 🔟📚 The Ten Last Books Tag 📚🔟 1. LAST BOOK I RE-READ … Continue reading The 10 Last Books Tag

Poll: Which Leigh Bardugo GrishaVerse series is best?

Hiiii, I hope you're having a lovely June so far! The weather here is fantastic, which is lovely. (The weather forecast shows it’ll get rainy for the next few days, but I’ll enjoy this good weather while I can!) Leigh Bardugo’s Rule of Wolves was released at the end of last March; I read it … Continue reading Poll: Which Leigh Bardugo GrishaVerse series is best?

TBR – June 2021

Hi guys! As promised in my post yesterday, here’s my TBR for this month coming. Hope you enjoy 🙂 I'm excited for the books I'll be reading this month - several good books have been made available at the library, so I can finally get to them! Let's get started, then (: Rule of Wolves … Continue reading TBR – June 2021

Monthly Wrap-Up — April 2021

Hello! Yet another month has flown by, and we're now a third through the year. This month I was very hopeful that my reading pace would speed up again, and that I had more time for reading and writing. My reading pace increased slightly, so that's a positive, and I have a new idea for … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up — April 2021